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The Ultimate Wellness Fusion

Introducing the Kula Recovery BARREL PLUNGE PRO WITH SUPER CHILLER, a revolution in cold water therapy. Crafted for ice bath enthusiasts and professional athletes, this marvel maximizes the remarkable benefits of cold water therapy.

Constructed with premium materials and a robust rubber-hardened wall build, the Kula Recovery BARREL PLUNGE PRO boasts a spacious interior. Its specially designed lid, secured by robust clips, maintains optimal chill and purity, ensuring an invigorating plunge every time.

Engineered for peak performance, the Kula Recovery BARREL PLUNGE PRO is a testament to unwavering commitment to excellence.

This model features the industry's pinnacle of chiller and filtration technology. The Super Chiller takes your plunge to new heights.

Maintain pristine water with superior Particle Water Filtration and Ozone Water Treatment. The Super Chiller cools water down to a refreshing 2°C (37°F) and fine-tunes it to your preference in just 1.5 hours. Additionally, it heats water up to a soothing 42°C (107.6°F), offering the ultimate blend of cold therapy and relaxation.

  • Cools water down from 35°C to 10°C in 2.5 hrs. Quick adjustment from 10°C - 2°C in under 1.5hrs

  • Warms water up to 42°C (107.6°F)

  • 1.5HP motor accommodates all standardized GCC/UK plug sockets

  • Superior Particle Water Filtration and Ozone Water Treatment

  • Portable all-in-one unit

  • Plug & Play self-priming circulation pump

  • Advanced WiFi-enabled temperature control

  • Safety shutoff feature

  • Industrial-grade components for durability

  • Power Output: 1320W - AC 220V-204V / 50 HZ

  • Crafted with Ultra Durable Fibreglass Reinforced Skin-Friendly PVC

  • Solid Wall and Insulated Construction

  • Packs into the Included Carry Bag

  • High Pressure Structure: 8 PSI / 0.55 Bar

  • Dimensions: 95cm diameter, 100cm height

  • Generous 520 litre capacity

  • Particle Water Filter

  • Internal Ozone Water Treatment Unit

  • Portable All-in-one Unit

  • WiFi-enabled Temperature Remote Control System

  • Safety Shutoff

  • Industrial-grade Components

  • Insulated Hard-wall Tub

  • Carry Bag for Easy Portability

  • Floor Pump for Hassle-free Setup

  • Kula Recovery Super Chiller 1.5HP unit

  • Washable high-density particle water filter

  • External Pipes

  • Fittings and Accessories Pack

  • Hair Catcher system

  • User Manual


Please consult your doctor before using an ice bath if you have health concerns.


DO NOT USE if you are pregnant, have heart disease or high blood pressure, diabetes, neuropathy or retinal damage, wear a pacemaker, have a history of frostbite, open wounds, recent surgery, epilepsy, or other health concerns.

Using an ice bath can lower your core body temperature significantly. Cold water immersion constricts blood vessels, slowing blood flow, which combined with health complications can increase blood pressure, risk cardiac arrest, or stroke.


Intense cold is a common side effect. Extended exposure may lead to hypothermia, frostbite, fast heart rate (tachycardia), abnormal heart rhythm (arrhythmias), or allergic reactions.


Despite potential side effects, using ice baths correctly offers numerous health benefits. Start with just a few minutes and gradually increase time. Always respect your body's limits for a safe and invigorating experience.


This product is designed for indoor use. Using a chiller in hot outdoor conditions reduces efficiency, and direct sunlight/overheating can cause permanent chiller damage.

Cold therapy


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